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Supply of raw materials
Baccinex provides the majority of excipients and packaging articles needed for production, and the client is generally in charge of providing the API.


In order to offer storage capacities to our clients, different areas compliant with European Pharmacopoeia requirements (20 ± 5°C, 5°C ± 3°C, <-15°C) are available to store raw materials and finished products. The temperature of these qualified storage areas is monitored and alarmed to check the compliance of temperature specifications.


After a production, shipments of samples or of the entire batch are performed. Most of these shipments are temperature controlled shipments (20 ± 5°C, 5°C ± 3°C, <-15°C), requiring temperature monitoring during shipment, in order to trace the conformity of shipment conditions.

Working with qualified carriers specializing in temperature-controlled shipment, we can organize worldwide shipments of samples, finished products or clinical trial supplies.